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Manan Sood Mathematics Classes IIT Qualified teacher give you best class tips to high score in IIT JEE
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IIT Qualified teacher give you best class tips to high score in IIT JEE

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How students respond after cracking the competitive examination.
Devesh sharma
It was November 2013 a normal school guy had entered the world of competitive exams. New to this world, he was started by the achievements of other students. When he entered Allen Career Institute , he was just a normal student for them, a guy who got B1 in his SA1 Mathematics exam, but no one know that guy would clear Mathematics Olympiad one day, he himself didn’t know. That guy was no other than me. But then there came a turn in his life, he met Manan Sir at Allen. As I heard from others students that he had himself cleared IIT JEE and taught students advanced Mathematics.
And it was then, that a desire arose in my heart. I wanted to study mathematics from him. In march next year I was taught Maths by him for the first time, just one single half an hour class, as far as I remember and then this, started a journey that would take me so far…. I started focussing on what sir taught me and blindly followed his guiding. We were completely focussing on IIT syllabus. Manan Sir suggested and I should keep on following what he was teaching. He was the only moral support I had at that time. Then came Pre RMO 2014. I gave it just for the sake of giving. But when the result came I was shocked, Manan Sir made me someone, atleast in my own eyes…. I cleared the cut off! Now it was that I started preparing for RMO which was just a month away. Students were studying for it for the last two years but I just started… I had no hope that I would clear it… but Manan sir was there for me…. He motivated me... he made a believe that I would clear it… and I just kept on following him… blindly and RMO over… In a month something awaited for me…yes we did it. Kudos to Manan sir I had got Rank 16…amazed I was… But just a month something awaited for me. INMO… Manan Sir had left Allen by then and he started his own institute of advanced Mathematics . This time I was completing nationally and guess what… I secured AIR 34… this was unbelievable.., All India Rank 34 in the most prestigious and toughest examination of Mathematics in India. We made it possible. I still remember studying at his place with him from morning to night for this exam. I outsourced almost everyone from North India region. I am not a celebrity or someone so special…but what I am is because of one person… Manan Sir. Thank you Sir for supporting me… and teaching me… No one can ever teach or motivate a student like Manan Sir…
Thankyou Sir…

   Over a month ago